I Just Answered a Google Opinion Survey


Google wants to know what Betabeat thinks! I just got a call from IPSOS, “an international research company,” who said I was on a list of 200 or so CEOs, executives, editors, reporters, congressmen, and other important people who Google selected for a 15-minute survey about what we think of Google, YouTube, and Facebook. BOOYAH.

Self-congratulations aside, I figured answering the survey would give some insight into newly re-appointed CEO Larry Page’s hopes, dreams and insecurities.

So, I’m not going to bore you with my answers–basically, I’m pretty in the tank for Google because I use a ton of their products and every one of them makes my life better. I’m a little worried about what will happen with Google when the leadership changes–it is a little scary that one company has so much power. I also believe if Facebook becomes a more influential company than Google, then that is an indicator that the arc of the universe does not bend toward justice. But in general, my answers were pretty pro-Google and pro-YouTube, and not so much pro-Facebook.

First, the surveyor asked which of the following words apply to Google, YouTube, Microsoft and/or Facebook: Collaborative? Arrogant? Transparent? Responsible? Trustworthy? Innovative?

How should an internet company demonstrate that it’s behaving in a responsible way? Google wanted to know. Is Google beneficial to the United States economy? Is YouTube? Is Facebook?

The surveyor also asked me to rate each company from a scale of 1 to 5 on:

  • adhering to the principles it communicates;
  • respecting intellectual property rights (oopies, think they’re interested in YouTube here–not that I care);
  • helping businesses grow (it’s the economy, stupid);
  • clearly communicating with people like myself;
  • being a company I can trust;
  • having a clear vision for the future of the internet (what’s that all about?);
  • protecting children online (basic evilness test here);
  • giving consumers tools to protect their information online;
  • enriching the culture and society of the USA (in terms of cultural influence, social media is the new Hollywood);
  • being committed to producing products that enhance the quality of people’s lives;
  • listening to people’s concerns about the internet.

Google also wanted to know what I’d heard about it lately. Had I seen any negative or positive comments in the media? Online? Had I seen any Google advertising around?

Do I think Google has too much power? the surveyor also wanted to know. If I had an hour to chat with a Google CEO, what are the two or three things I would want to discuss?

And last, do I have a favorable opinion of the United States?

One thing I noticed: Google wrote the questions as if YouTube were a separate company, listing it alongside Yahoo, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. But it makes sense considering YouTube is ramping up efforts to monetize and further popularize web video; YouTube is also arguably Google’s most visible product.

Very interesting!

I Just Answered a Google Opinion Survey