In Which VICE Catches New York Magazine Off-Guard

Is there anything more embarrassing than having your emails published, regardless of what’s in them? Surely, there is. But when you’re reporting, if you’re dealing with the kind of subject who will do that, and they actually end up doing it, well: it shows one caught off-guard, let alone whatever the contents of the email may reveal.

In this case, a New York writer tried to question VICE about one of their shoots for their Photo Issue, wherein the notorious Terry Richardson (who made his career shooting for VICE) shoots a group of plus-sized models for a feature called ‘Tons of Fun.’ Typically VICE.

Then again, as the reporter should have known, so is the publishing of their email and responses to their ever-so-leading questions they tried to corner VICE with. Example, from their posting headlined WE’RE CONCERNED THAT NEW YORK MAGAZINE HAS A PROBLEM WITH PLUS-SIZE WOMEN (the questions, emboldening theirs, are from New York):

Is there a reason why most of the models were non-white? Was there any sort of statement being made there?
What kind of statement are you making by asking this question, New York Magazine? We requested full-figured women and they provided us with a broad selection of potential models, from which we made our final picks for the shoot. It so happened that many of the women at Full Figured Fashion Week were “non-white.” What’s your problem with this? All of the women look absolutely beautiful in the shots. Why are you so hung up on their ethnicities?

Why did you pick the title “Tons of Fun”?
Because everyone at the shoot had tons of fun.

Kind of hilarious. VICE (kind of?) has a point—Why is New York asking that?—and a lesson for all of us, too: Don’t email VICE. | @weareyourfek


In Which VICE Catches New York Magazine Off-Guard