Jay-Z and Kanye’s New Collabo, an Alternate History.

Kanye West and Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped their new song “Otis” today, with samples from the soulful Mr. Redding himself. The new tune is an ode of sorts to (give you one guess…) fancy watches and cars, with eloquent verses including “They ain’t see me cause I pulled up in my other Benz/ Last week I was in my other other Benz.”

Although Brooklyn native Jay-Z doesn’t pay much tribute to his home borough in the song, one New York institution is mentioned. The Mercer Hotel, where Hov and Kanye reportedly commandeered an entire floor last February to record their forthcoming album “Watch the Throne,” gets a shout-out in a line from Jay: “Uh, live form the Mercer, run up on Yeezy the wrong way/ I might murk ya.”

Now that’s poetry.

But what of the song if the rappers had decided to stay elsewhere? Would it  have the same lyric flow to it?

Hov and West could easily have decided to record in the Raddison Broadway, for example. When the recording got stressful they could have kicked back and caught a matinee of Wicked. We imagine the song would sound something like this: “Uh, live from the Raddison Broadway/ where you can order broads for small pay.”

“Uh, Live from the LaGuardia Marriot,” also sounds rather nice. They even could have gotten flat-rate cab rides back to the city!

What about the Days Inn Bronx by Yankee Stadium? We have the inside scoop that amenities include an ironing board, so Jay could keep his bespoke tuxes in tip-top shape.

So, with all these other tantalizing options why did the duo decide on the Mercer? Clearly they just couldn’t throw away that incredible rhyme.


Jay-Z and Kanye’s New Collabo, an Alternate History.