Jennifer Barnett New Managing Editor at The Atlantic

Jennifer Barnett, most recently of Parks & Recreation magazine in Virginia, has been named managing editor of The Atlantic.

You may have noticed that her name is very similar to that of James Bennet, the magazine’s editor in chief. Hijinks will ensue, according to the memo from deputy editor Scott Stossel, in full below:


I’m pleased to announce that, as many of you already know, Jennifer Barnett will be joining the Atlantic staff as our new managing editor next week. Jennifer has more than a decade of experience as a managing editor. Having previously done stints inside both the Condé Nast and Hearst empires, where she served in various managing editor roles at Teen Vogue,  Elle, and Redbook respectively, Jennifer comes to us most recently from Parks & Recreation magazine, in Virginia. She’s also been an editor and contributor at Shape (where she wrote a health and wellness column—so hide those potato chips!) and Capitol File. She’s looking forward to bringing her managerial expertise to bear on our far-flung editorial staff. (And I look forward to the madcap hilarity that will ensue when the initials (JB) she shares with our editor-in-chief lead to mis-addressed e-mails and confused inter-office memos.) Jennifer will be situated in the office between James Gibney and myself. Please join me in welcoming her.


Jennifer Barnett New Managing Editor at The Atlantic