John Hall Will Not Run for Congress in 2012

Former Hudson Valley Congressman John Hall sent out word this afternoon that he will not seek to retake the seat in the House of Representatives that he lost in 2012.

“Having spent ten years of my life in elective office, and having family duties that include taking care of my 90 year-old parents and spending more time at home with my wife Pamela and extended family, I have decided not to run for reelection to New York’s 19th Congressional seat,” Hall said in a statement.

The 19th Congressional district is the quintessential swing district in New York, having voted for Sue Kelly in the Gingrich wave of 1994, then sending her packing with Hall’s election in 2006 as Democrats swept to power. When the G.O.P. retook the House in 2010, Nan Hayworth defeated Hall.

Hayworth recently reported that she has close to $400,0o0 on hand, which could have dissuaded Hall.

Hall has been hinting that he is through with politics in recent months. In April, he headlined his first music gig since leaving office, and he indicated in his statement that he looked forward to devoting himself further to music. He was the front man of the rock bank Orleans.

He still took a few shots at Hayworth, however.

“This does not mean that I am happy with my successor, Nan Hayworth,” he said. “By supporting the Ryan Plan, which would turn Medicare into a voucher system that would leave seniors on their own to negotiate fees with doctors; by voting to gut the EPA budget for enforcing the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act; and by voting to eliminate all funds for Planned Parenthood, Congresswoman Hayworth has shown again that she is out of touch with the needs and concerns of mainstream America.”


John Hall Will Not Run for Congress in 2012