July 13, 2011: That Was Jersey News That Was


July 13, 2011: That Was Jersey News That Was

NJ’s Christie Model For All “Horrible Bosses” In The Film Of The Same Name Admit Screenwriters.

The ensemble cast film “Horrible Bosses” is a black comedy film written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein. Recently, Daley and Goldstein revealed their inspiration for all the horrible bosses in “Horrible Bosses”: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Daley and Goldstein “observed Christie on the news and Youtube for the past year” and decided that he was “the perfect model for all three ‘horrible bosses’ —(portrayed by Jennifer Anniston, Colin Farrell, and Kevin Spacey)—bosses who treat employees with mean-spirited abuse — even those with with special needs.” 

But what about the boss played by former ‘Friends’ star Anniston? After all, she is a female who sexually harasses her employee (played by Charlie Day)? How was her character inspired by Christie, you might ask.

“Well, ‘sexual harassment’ is very arrogant, power–centered emasculating behavior whether perpetrated male/female or female/male. Or even male/male. And there are strong elements of that emasculating behavior in the way Christie treated Senate President Steve Sweeney—-”, described Goldstein.

Senate President Steve Sweeney to Take Over Broadway Role in the Fall

Senate Majority Office Associate Director for Communications, Bikez Zinbrew , announced that Senate President Steve Sweeney would be “taking over the lead role in Broadway’s ‘Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark’ due to his enormously  successful run in the Trenton political theater production of ‘Let’s Over Ride the Governor’s Vetoes’. The press has been noteworthy for the Senate President.”

Columnist Charlie Stile said of Sweeney’s performance, “Monday’s Veto-Override-a-Thon at the State House was a low moment in political theater.”

Author, blogger and radio personality Bob Engle said, “There were less fireworks on the second day of the Senate Democrats’ attempt to override Gov. Christie’s line-item vetoes in the budget.”

“I am excited about these new opportunities for me in the fall,” said Sweeney, recognizing his role may change significantly in a new State Senate in 2012.

 NJTV Announces its Fall Adubato Line Up

WNET head honcho Neil Shapiro announced the fall line up on the newly designed NJTV, following the demise of NJN. “We look forward to a successful fall TV line-up,” said Shaprio in a press release. “There are some holdovers from NJN, with some new exciting additions.”

 There’s One-on-One with Steve Adubato; Caucus New Jersey with Steve Adubato and New Jersey Capitol Report with Steve Adubato. “Oh, that show is also co-hosted with ‘Rafael Pi Roman’—which translated from Spanish means ‘Steve Adubato’,” explained Shaprio.

Also planned for the fall: “Dancing With Steve Adubato”; “The Real Housewives of Adubato”; “Top Chef Adubato”; “Survivor: Adubato-land”; and “So, You Think You’re Smarter than Steve Adubato?”

“We are very excited about our commitment to the Garden State,” finished Shaprio.


July 13, 2011: That Was Jersey News That Was