Kiss Me, Kate! Moss and Rocker from The Kills Are Now Married

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The first picture of Ms. Moss as bride.

Earlier today, Rolls-Royce after Rolls-Royce crawled into an ancient church in Little Farrington, deep in the English countryside, for a wedding ceremony dubbed, alternately, “Mosstock” or “Glastonbury Meets The Ritz.” The guests had come to see Kate Moss marry Jamie Hince, the guitarist for The Kills, thus ending her two husband-less decades in the spotlight.

News from the secluded edge of England is still only trickling out. The Daily Mail has pictures of guests such as Jade Jagger and Mr. Hince’s Kills band mate Allison Mosshart, the chosen “best man” for the ceremony. Besides that, even the feistiest of British tabs could only land aerial shots of the parish and surrounding environs. Pretty place to tie the knot, though!

The Observer knows a New York nightlife personality who’s a close friend of the couple, and he confirmed that the two have indeed been pronounced husband and wife. We’ve been texting him while he’s over across the pond.

“Just ended,” he said, which also confirms that, yes, there’s cell service in the far-out town.

“Great, man,” we responded. “Send over my congrats.”

Kiss Me, Kate! Moss and Rocker from The Kills Are Now Married