Lance’s office swamped by voter calls in midst of debt crisis

In the aftermath of President Barack Obama’s exhortation last night to voters to deluge the offices of Republican congressmen in the midst of the debt crisis, callers swamped U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance, (R-7), according to a spokesman.

Lance Chief of Staff Todd Mitchell reported hundreds of calls and emails from all sides of the issue.  

“Many support the Senate plan, many support the Republican plan, and many just want to see a resolution,” Mitchell said.

He said the congressman’s website was down – like other Republican congressional websites around the state, according to The Record’s Herb Jackson – but it was not down intentionally. 

“The response on both sides has been so strong it has overwhelmed some House telephone lines and websites,” Mitchell said. “Many websites on the Hill are down. We are one of them. Nothing nefarious.”  

A Republican congressman in his second term, Lance supports Speaker John Boehner’s efforts to enact “meaningful fiscal reforms while granting President Obama his request to increase our borrowing limit.” 

“Leonard understands there is passion on both sides of the issue but also frustration that Washington has yet to figure out a solution to this problem,” Mitchell said. “But he is confident that leaders in Congress can agree to a plan that avoids default and puts our nation on a sustainable path toward fiscal responsibility.”

Lance’s office swamped by voter calls in midst of debt crisis