Late Morning Read: Cuomo's Denial, Gillibrand's Pitch, Wal-Mart's Booster

Latest accusations against DSK keep on the front page, in France. (via

2012: “Governor Cuomo ducked and weaved yesterday, but never flatly said ‘no'” to serving as Obama’s runningmate. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Disclosure: Cuomo and Sandra Lee’s  “relationship demonstrates the limits of state law governing the financial affairs of elected officials and their romantic partners.” [Erica Orden / WSJ]

Fund-Raising: Gillibrand set up web site called to get women into politics; money raised goes to her. [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News]

Public Money: The Barron’s send money to an organization run by a longtime political aide. [Tina Moore / Daily News]

City Budget: Editors wonder if “niggling” cuts are all that Bloomberg can do anymore. [NY Post]

Discrimination: “During Mr. Bloomberg’s first two terms in office, the number of lawsuits by employees accusing the city of discrimination was 12 percent higher than the number during Rudolph W. Giuliani’s two terms as mayor.” [David Chen and Jo McGinty / New York Times]

DSK: “A source said that a dismissal is viewed as a certainty in the DA’s office.” [Laura Italiano / NY Post]

CityTime: Probe expanding into Bloomberg admin. [Josh Margolin / NY Post]

Wal-Mart: Bloomberg “is so bullish” on them coming to Brooklyn, he was answering questions on their behalf. [Erin Einhorn / Daily News]

Wal-Mart: The store “has created more summer jobs than the New York political establishment” say editors. [Daily News]

Parades: Chris Collins demanded to march at the start of the parade, with his campaign staff. [Stephen Watson / Buffalo News]

Albany: Paterson to teach a class called “The Teachable Art of Governing.” [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Tax Cap: Cuomo’s third ceremonial signing of the bill he signed last month, in Syracuse. [Post-Standard]

Tax Cap: Cuomo tells tax cap critics to tighten their belts. [Joe Spector / Democrat and Chronicle]

Law Suit: Liu sued for setting new prevailing wage too high. [Michael Saul / WSJ]

Dartmouth Caucus: “Sen. Gillibrand, you’re the first female Dartmouth alum to be elected to Congress.” [Jake Tapper / Dartmouth Alumni Magazine]

Pressuring Obama: Not buying his wink-and-nod, state’s rights approach. [Kerry Eleveld / Daily Beast]

Prison Closing: Staff not being laid off, they’re transferring. [Paul Reide / Post-Standard]

Cars: Klein wants to be able to track stolen car rims. [Dean Meminger / NY1] Late Morning Read: Cuomo's Denial, Gillibrand's Pitch, Wal-Mart's Booster