Legislators with the deepest pockets

With four months to go until the legislative mid-terms, here are the 10 legislators with the most cash in the bank.  All are incumbents, though Assemblyman Vincent Polistina is vying to move to the Senate.

Sen. Richard Codey                    $1,133,029

Sen. Stephen Sweeney              $930,470

Sen. Shirley Turner                     $568,256

Sen. Paul Sarlo                          $563,581

Sen. Bob Smith                          $437,881

Sen. Joe Kyrillos Jr.                     $405,841

Assemblyman Vincent Polistina  $349,651

Sen. Thomas Kean                     $340,902

Sen. Donald Norcross                 $336,904

Assemblyman Lou Greenwald    $304,478

Editors note: An earlier version of this list did not include Sen. Paul Sarlo at number 4.  Sarlo was inadvertently left off the list issued by the Election Law Enforcement Commission Legislators with the deepest pockets