Literature’s Favorite Lassi

Not for mojitos.

As MobyLives prepares to go on hiatus for its August vacation, they were so kind as to provide some recipes for hot weather cocktails from Geoff Dyer’s novel Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi:

The book is perfect for summer, because both locales in the novel are scorching hot and feature a distinctive drink. In Venice it’s the Bellini, downed in abandon by the art-viewers of the Venice Biennale, and in Varanasi the drink is Bhang Lassi, a marijuana-infused drink known to bring on holy visions.

Not having read Dyer’s novel, we actually tend to associate bellinis more with American Psycho. As for the bhang lassi, it has made a recent comeback in literature thanks to Jeffrey Eugenides’ The Marriage Part — no spoilers here, unless you haven’t read the story excerpted in The New Yorker. The lassi becomes a key ingredient in an outburst of reclaimed selfishness. Literature’s Favorite Lassi