Little Pink Houses: Single Women Buying More Real Estate Than Single Men

It looks like fewer women are heeding the sage advice of Charlotte from Sex and the City, who warns single women against buying their own place because “men don’t want a woman who’s too self-sufficient.”

“If you own and he still rents, then the power structure is all off. It’s emasculating,” she tells Miranda, who had just bought her first Manhattan co-op.

More than a decade after that episode aired, single women seem to have ditched this philosophy and are now “a major force in the real estate market,” according to MSNBC and the National Association of Realtors. The demographic accounted for 20 percent of all home buyers last year, whereas single men only made up 12 percent of the total.

Alas, sexist attitudes in real estate have not yet completely disappeared. The MSNBC article (written by a woman) states: “Realtors and builders are taking notice of this trend. In new home construction, builders are putting in extras such as security features, gourmet kitchens and yards with little to no maintenance required.”

Hear that, ladies? Gourmet kitchens! Because, of course, every single woman must love cooking. And since single women presumably don’t have a man around to protect them and to do the tough yard work, these properties come with extra security features and low-maintenance outdoor space. Don’t worry about ruining your manicures here, girls!

Jan Gray, a Northern California realtor, also speaks to the benefits of single women shopping for homes solo: “When women shop for a home with a man, I always see them deferring to him: his need for a garage, or a work space, or a man cave. When women buy for themselves, they are excited about turning this place into something that reflects them and who they are—they know they could even paint the bathroom pink if they wanted to!” (Every woman dreams of having a pink bathroom!)

So there you have it, single women of New York. Good news. Maybe you can even use that “man cave” space as a craft corner.

Little Pink Houses: Single Women Buying More Real Estate Than Single Men