Lorrie Moore Reviews Friday Night Lights, Basks in ‘Kitsch Heaven’

Kitsch heaven.

The author Lorrie Moore reviews Friday Night Lights for the New York Review of Books, expressing surprise at finding two other writers at a Manhattan party who also wanted to discuss the show (really, only two?) and discovering their mutual affection for Tim Riggins.

“The people I was speaking with mostly wanted to discuss the character Tim Riggins, played by Taylor Kitsch,” she writes. “Kitsch heaven!” She continues:

Even Landry Clark and Matt Saracen and stormy, stalwart, black-Irish Eric Taylor—the characters who possess the most forceful gazes, mesmerizing scenes, and unexpected psychological moves in the show—received short shrift. It was the brooding, beautiful, and slightly doomed Tim Riggins, handsome as a statue and bleakly craving goodness, about whom no one could stop talking. Tim Riggins: through the wonders of long-form and instantly sharable narrative, he was the realest person in the room.

Yes! Lorrie Moore has been known to weigh in on the wilderness known to New Yorkers as “the rest of America” before; for connoisseurs of Ms. Moore’s criticism, here’s her 1999 book review for The Observer about the Jon-Benet Ramsey murder. Lorrie Moore Reviews Friday Night Lights, Basks in ‘Kitsch Heaven’