Mad Mama DiCaprio Makes Leo Send Blake Packing

Blake Lively, single and loving it!

For Leo, Blake was the ultimate rebound from Bar Refaeli. They met over dinner at The Lion in November, with Baz Luhrmann, who had DiCaprio as his Gatsby and toyed with the idea of Ms. Lively as Daisy (the part went to Carey Mulligan). In May, Mr. DiCaprio was, again, single, and it wasn’t long before he was canoodling with Karl Lagerfeld’s number one girl by the sea at Cannes. She was wearing white, he was wearing a baseball cap. Everything seems nice and shiny.

Now it’s all over. In a bright moment during a bad few weeks for British gossip rags, Now magazine has the scoop on the heartbreak, explaining that it was Mr. DiCaprio’s mom, Irmelin, who instigated the split.

“Blake’s a total mess,” a close friend tells Now.

“She tried hard to impress Leo’s mum when they met but Irmelin couldn’t stand her.

“She told Leo that Blake was far too up herself for him.

“Blake was nervous so she did talk a lot.

“But his mum says all she did was talk about Gossip Girl and how she’s a Chanel model.”

Chin up, Blake! If you check out in the next few days, you’ll see a list of single men in a certain profession… The best profession, too. And it might be a slideshow. Just saying.

Mad Mama DiCaprio Makes Leo Send Blake Packing