Morning Links: David Remnick, Cover Boy

The Huffington Post’s UK vertical launches tomorrow, but the UK is all over the US’ media news today.

Some Brits have picked up on Tina Brown’s special touch on Newsweek, calling her strategy for the Kate Middleton print vehicle a  “vanity project.”

“With the zombie princess, Brown is providing us with a clear visual metaphor for the ugly inadvisability of bringing anything back from the dead,” columnist Sarah Bell wrote.

The only thing less advisable than another Royals cover would be hacking the cell phone of an abducted and murdered 13 year-old girl. Way to go, News of the World!

WWD has discovered an alternate universe in new British men’s magazine Port. The cover profile is Nicholson Baker on David Remnick, the travel writing by Martin Amis, and service content by Paris Review editor Lorin Stein and Conde Nast iPad guy Scott Dadich.  There’s no budget, just all of it was just done as, like, a favor to the editor, Dan Crowe.  Oh and it sells for $15 an issue.

Who is the target audience for such a product? It seems designed specifically for media obsessives, which is not a demographic recognized by CircMatters, whose latest numbers are here, courtesy of Crains. Here’s what your demo is reading:

If you’re a Democrat you like The Atlantic, Ebony, and Audubon.

If you’re a Republican you readTexas Monthly, American Rifleman and Golf Digest.

If you’re a millennial you read the Official X Box Magazine and Teen Vogue.

If you’re a Gen X-er you read Penthouse and Working Mother.

If you’re a Baby Boomer you read the Ellie-award winning AARP: The Magazine.

Washington City Paper readers are chipping in to help get the defamation suit against them from Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder thrown out of court, reports the Times. Legal fees are expensive!

Ashton Kutcher fought back against the Village Voice‘s hit on his non-profit Real Men Don’t Buy Girls, leading American Airlines to pull their advertising from the site. Morning Links: David Remnick, Cover Boy