Morning Links: “Die, Tabloid, Die,” Says Gleeful Daily News

The News of the World meltdown made front page above the fold at the New York Times, including a photo of Rupert Murdoch avoiding a TV reporter. Inside, the news gets two more full pages, including an article on Rebekah Brooks, a web graphic of the key players, and articles on the aftermath for British politicians and News Corp.

New details include that Rebekah Brooks tried to resign twice, but her resignation was not accepted, copy editors from The Sun walked out in solidarity, and The News of the World picked up an open bar tab for the staff last night.

The Wall Street Journal ran one story on the front page as well, no photo, plus  a timeline of the News and a sidebar explaining who News Corp heir apparent James Murdoch after the jump. Servicey!

The Daily News went with the giddy “Die, Tabloid, Die” headline, but they kept the story off the front page, perhaps because Mort Zuckerman has a lot of respect for Rupert Murdoch. (It certainly wasn’t on the merits of the Obama adoption story, which got the cover.)

The New York Post buried a short story in the business pages, outside of Keith Kelly’s media column. Today Mr. Kelly reported that Hudson News mogul Jimmy Cohen is behind David Pecker’s purchase of OK!, and the rest of the post stuck to its strength, siccing Andrea Peyser on Casey Anthony.

And after everyone went to press, former News of the World editor (and former communications director for David Cameron) Andy Coulson was arrested.

Morning Links: “Die, Tabloid, Die,” Says Gleeful Daily News