Morning Links: What Do Julia Allison and Demand Media Have in Common?

Like Julia Allison and her re-bloggers, Demand Media has sent a cease and desist to a critical blog called Demand Studios Sucks, reports Forbes’s Mixed Media. They allege that Demand Studios Sucks publishes content that is confidential and trademarked, like copy edit tests and power point presentations. Good luck with that, Demand!

The State of Washington has cancelled the driver’s license of Jose Antonio Vargas, the Washington Post reporter who  revealed his status as an illegal immigrant in the country in a New York Times Magazine piece last month, reports the Seattle Times, via Politico.

The New York Times signed up 224,000 digital subscribers since throwing up the old pay wall, reports the New York Times in a blockbuster scoop. Second quarter losses were $119.7 million, in part due to a write-down of tanking regional papers, and print advertising decreased faster than online advertising increased. The Times‘ in-house reporter Jeremy Peters plays it straight, but  WWD reveals that they are “very, very pleased.”

The Daily would like you to notice their new and improved commenting system, so they’ll give you a free Spotify app if you comment, according to PaidContent.

News Corp. round-up: The Department of Justice is preparing subpoenas to investigate foreign bribery and alleged phone hacking of 9/11 victims’ voicemails, reports the Wall Street Journal. Former NOTW editor and key source/witness/perpetrator Greg Miskiw was found living in Florida, according to The New York Times. He said he’ll go back to Britain and is talking to the police. Former NOTW editor Colin Myer and Tom Crone, their former legal manager, said James Murdoch lied to the parliamentary committee when he said that he had not known that phone hacking went beyond one reporter.They can kiss their hush money goodbye. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Tala, who owns 7 percent of News Corp.’s class B voting shares, told Piers Morgan he had faith in the Murdoch family because he knows them and well and believes them to be of “high integrity, honesty and honor,” writes Politico. Mr. Morgan agrees.

Morning Links: What Do Julia Allison and Demand Media Have in Common?