Morning Links: Whoa, Hey, Seth Mnookin!

Nafissatou Diallo, the hotel maid who has accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her, has given interviews to Newsweek and Good Morning America, published today. The New York Post and The Daily News managed to splash photos on the cover before press time, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal elected not to.

Seth Mnookin has a very long piece on the Times in this week’s New York magazine, touching on the pay wall, the Sulzberger family, Jill Abramson, and Page One, concluding they’re all alright. This is good news. We thought Mr. Mnookin was another soul lost in the black hole of Vanity Fair’s contributing editors list.

One thing he missed though: Bill Keller is ending his column in the Times magazine to focus on writing in the Sunday Review, according to WWD. They point out that more he had a more than 40 percent correction rate, adding that Jayson Blair had invited worry with around five percent. The comparison is a little harsh, given Mr. Keller had a far more scrutinous readership than Mr. Blair and that, at the magazine, there’s a fact-checking department to share the responsibility. Mr. Keller is a good sport as usual.

Web articles from The New Yorker, Bon Appetit and Wired accessed through social iPad reader Flipboard will now have advertisements, according to a Conde Nast press release, beginning with American Express and soon to include Lexus.

Apple is keeping a close eye on sales transactions through iPad apps, shutting them down in the Canadian books app Kobo and the Wall Street Journal, which allowed users to subscribe in-app, reports the Wall Street Journal. If the guys upstairs at The Daily can sort it out, we’re sure the Journal can too.

Anderson Cooper is preparing audiences for his softer side, which is about to be revealed on his daytime talk show Anderson, reports the Wall Street Journal. So glad you guys brought it up because we’ve been waiting for an excuse to show you this video, from Anderson Cooper’s YouTube account, in which he leads a “Team Meeting” on his favorite foods. Is that a normal reason to hold a team meeting? And why is his team only made up of beautiful women, watching him rapturously and twirling their hair?

“I go through periods where I rediscover food and become obsessed with it,” Mr. Cooper says. “Like I recently discovered peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?”

“I read that,” says a very professional looking woman.

“Yes,” Mr. Cooper replies coolly, before describing the time he got into scrambled egg whites.

Morning Links: Whoa, Hey, Seth Mnookin!