Morning Read: Cuomo Hedges on Obama, Lupica Endorses Kelly

Council Speaker Quinn, Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Kelly. (photo credit: azi paybarah / observer)

2012: “Cuomo may already be holding back full-fledged support for Obama.” [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

2013: See where mayoral candidates get their money. [Colby Hamilton and John Keefe / WNYC]

2013: “No city police commissioner has ever gone on to be mayor. Kelly ought to be the first, especially when you look at those lining up already to succeed Michael Bloomberg…Kelly has given no indication that he’s planning to run, people who care about the city should be telling him to think about it, starting right now.” [Mike Lupica / Daily News]

NY-9: Silver refutes Koch’s call to elect a Republican to register displeasure with Obama. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

School Deal: “Ms. Quinn, who had established herself as a close ally of the mayor during her five years as speaker, ultimately decided to break ranks with Mr. Bloomberg.” [Javier Hernandez / New York Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: Preparing to teach it in school. [Carl Campanile / NY Post]

Transparency: How transparent should Cuomo and Sandra Lee, be? [Jay Jochnowitz / Times Union]

Transparency: “Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna called the administration ‘the most transparent in the city’s history.'” NYC agencies, not so much. [Erik Ortiz / amNew York]

Wal-Mart: Maybe opening a store in Brooklyn, with J.C. Penney. [Eliot Brown and Joseph de Avila / WSJ]

Taxis: “Mr. Cuomo’s father, the former governor Mario M. Cuomo, serves on the board of Medallion Financial, which has a major stake in many of the city’s taxis and has opposed the bill.” [Christine Haughney / New York Times]

Taxes: Editors urge Cuomo to veto “stealth tax.” [NY Post]

Subway: 930 panhandlers arrested so far this year; 76% increase compared to 3 years ago. [Pete Donohue / Daily News]

Rep. Buerkle: Loses chief of staff; unsure if he’ll work on 2012 campaign. [Mark Weiner / Post-Standard]

What’s wrong with Niagara: “Democratic Party has sunk to its lowest ebb ever in Niagara County — even though it is by far the largest party in the county.” [Thomas Prohaska / Buffalo News]

Morning Read: Cuomo Hedges on Obama, Lupica Endorses Kelly