Morning Read: Quinn Starts Drafting Kelly, Yankees and Mets Cost Bloomberg

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9/11 Anniversary: Bloomberg said GW Bush and Obama to attend anniversary event here; for first time, PA and DC will be read, along with those from NYC. [via WOR710]

Debt Ceiling: It’s the GOP’s fault. [Michael Cohen / Daily News]

2013: 32 percent undecided. [Josh Robin / NY1]

2013: Quinn basically says she’d keep Ray Kelly as commissioner. [Sally Goldenberg / NY Post]

Fighting City Hall: Quinn wonders why Bloomberg administration isn’t being more amenable to her objections over a homeless shelter in her district. [NY1]

NY-9: Only two news organizations showed up to cover Lieberman endorsement of Weprin, in DC. [Jessica Taylor / National Journal]

NY-9: “Rumor” is that Silver arranged Lieberman endorsement of Weprin to undercut Koch’s endorsement of Turner. [City Hall News]

NY-9: Turner is “about as close as you can get to a Reagan Democrat these days.” [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

City Budget: Mets and Yankees deal leads to loss of revenue for parks department. [Juan Gonzalez / Daily News]

BofA Settlement: “Still, it is unclear if Schneiderman has the power to intervene. He needs permission from a court to officially insert himself into a case.” [Andrew Longstreth / Reuters]

Board of Elections: New SI Dem Commissioner is Maria Guastella. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Headline: “Media Mogul Murdoch Interested In Education News Coverage.” [Education News]

Crime: Ninth arrest since city began issuing letter grades to restaurants for health standards. [Sumathi Reddy / WSJ]

Crime: 11 Bronx cops allegedly claimed they wrote tickets “after their shifts ended, requiring them to be paid overtime.” [Bob Kappstatter / Daily News]

Crime: At least one could face criminal charges. [Conley, Schram and Celona / NY Post]

Crime: “D.C. grand jury also is investigating how reporters knew Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad lived in Connecticut – before he was captured.” [Alison Gendar / Rocco Parascandola / Daily News]

Comments: “Why is Marist and the others wasting their time polling for 2013 when we have a hot Congressional race?” [VJ Machiavelli]

Labels: Bloomberg among the “richest people” who are “all rabid liberals.” [Burt Prelutsky /]

Staten Island: Parking at municipal lot by ferry going from $60 a month, to $150. [Michael Sedon / SI Advance]

Media: UB sells stations. [Jay Rey and Matt Glynn / Buffalo News]

Morning Read: Quinn Starts Drafting Kelly, Yankees and Mets Cost Bloomberg