Morning Read: Weddings in NY, an Arrest in Buffalo and a Run for Slaughter

Bloomberg, Mintz and Feinblatt make it A1 above the fold in the New York Times. (via

2012: Rep. Slaughter, who turns 82 next month, will run for re-election. Has $290,832 in the bank. [Brian Tumulty / Democrat and Chronicle]

Erie: 1199 SEIU is paying money to campaign manager for Democrat’s candidate for county executive. [Robert McCarthy / Buffalo News]

Weddings: Many, yesterday. [Michael Barbaro / New York Times]

Popular: “The majority of this state supports it,” Cuomo said of same-sex marriages. Simone Weichselbaum / Daily News]

Politics: “I believe the legislators who voted for marriage equality, this is going to be an asset to them in their campaign,” said Cuomo. [Sally Goldenberg / NY Post]

Gracie Mansion: Bloomberg officiates. [Michael Feeney and Mike Jaccarino / Daily News]

Tearful: Christine Quinn. [Erin Einhorn / Daily News]

Observing: “Ms. Quinn, widely seen as a front-runner in the 2013 mayoral election, spent much of her day watching weddings and congratulating newlyweds.”  [Andrew Grossman / WSJ]

Bronx: First same-sex couple to marry in that borough was a Rev. and her long-time partner. [Daily News]

Celebration: “After the nuptials were done, the couple, and other newlyweds, were treated to champagne and cupcakes brought by Ms. Savino and Titone.” [Jillian Jorgensen / SI Advance]

Update: Gay man marries partner after 17 years. Says “it doesn’t really change anything…I’ll change my status on Facebook.” [Matthew Daneman / Democrat and Chronicle]

Protest: NY-26 Green Party candidate “Murphy directed a sex toy towards officers and told them that it was a microphone;” charged with disorderly conduct. [Kevin Bargnes / Buffalo News]

Business: “ ‘We definitely have seen an increase in business with the passage of the law,’ said Tanner Townsend, co-owner of Crumb Bakery Cafe in Beacon.” [Susan Campriello / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Bottleneck: Democrats “all want to run in the North Shore, the party’s stronghold.” Despite that, Rose wont’ face primary from Murphy. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Schools: “But who knows. Maybe there is still time to save his legacy.” [NY Post]

Taxis: Silver urges Cuomo to sign Bloomberg’s bill. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Taxis: Nearly 7,700 complaints a year, only 11% scheduled for hearings by TLC.  [Andrew Grossman / WSJ]

NY Power Authority: CEO may be “weeks away” from retiring. [Fred Dicker / NY Post]

Headline: “Pressure on James Murdoch is About to Intensify” [Don Van Natta / New York Times]

Fallout: “Despots love to see a free press behaving badly.” [Bill Keller / New York Times]

New York Times: How it survived — thrived? — under Arthur Sulzberger Jr. [Seth Mnookin / NYmag]


Morning Read: Weddings in NY, an Arrest in Buffalo and a Run for Slaughter