Morning Read: Zadroga's Missing Link, Mattingly's Thankless Job, Kelly's Push

Outgoing ACS Commissioner John Mattingly was appointed to his position back in 2004. (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

NY-9: WHo is Israel’s best friend? [Ashley Parker / New York Times]

Zadroga: “Insufficient evidence” linking 9/11 toxins to cancer; federal funds denied. [Cristian Salazar / AP]

Zadroga: Rep. Maloney hopes future studies link Ground Zero exposure to cancer. [Devlin Barrett / WSJ]

Zadroga: “Several studies, including a sweeping review of the FDNY’s medical records, are expected to be released later this year and could link certain types of cancers to Ground Zero toxins.” [Jonathan Lemire / Daily News]

Debt Ceiling: How will Gibson and Tonko vote? [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Legal: “Since September 2010, Assemblyman VitoLopez’s campaign committee has cut nearly $46,000 in checks to a top white-collar criminal defense attorney.” [City Hall News]

Education: “Embattled Department of Education is fired and replacement gets a raise.” [Rachel Monahan / Daily News]

Education: New Education Department hire is top aide to Diaz Jr. [Yoav Gonen / NY Post]

Travel: After $20K fine, Recchia defends Markowitz and says travel rules need to be “examined.” [Erin Einhorn and Reuven Blau / Daily News]

Environment: State’s stringent standards may prevent it from getting about $750 million in federal funds. [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News]

ACS: Commissioner Mattingly announces departure; Councilman Koppell said “There have been too many instances of failure.” [Erica Orden an dSean Gardiner / WSJ]

ACS: Leading the agency is “the most thankless job in city government,” said one observer. [David Seifman / NY Post]

Post Offices: 34 in NYC may close. [Bloomberg News]

Post Offices: 17 could close in the Bronx. [Don Kaplan / NY Post]

Health: “Researchers…found little compelling evidence that eating more salt shortens lives.” [Jacob Gershman / WSJ]

Economic Development: “I know there are lines on a map, but the lines mean nothing when it comes to economic reality.” [Matt Glynn / Buffalo News]

Economic Development: Cuomo’s rhetoric strategy is to “to talk more of the future rather than in the past.” [Michael Gormley / AP]

NYPA: “Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster said he was ‘kind of depressed’ about Kessel’s resignation.” [James Heaney / Buffalo News]

Poughkeepsie: City Hall’s first gay wedding was yesterday. [Shantal Riley / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Trains: Raise fines for hopping turnstiles, Ray Kelly urges. [Glenn Blain, Reuven Blau and Pete Donohue / Daily News]

Taxes: Cuomo’s tax cap may lead small towns to dissolve into other municipalities. [Catie O’Toole  / Post-Standard]


Morning Read: Zadroga's Missing Link, Mattingly's Thankless Job, Kelly's Push