New Details Emerge About New Orleans’ Prospect.2 Works

"Mithra" (courtesy Artnet)

At 2008’s Prospect.1 biennial in New Orleans, the talk of the freshly drained town was Mark Bradford’s “Mithra,” a massive ark constructed from salvaged plywood complete with tattered bills posted to the planks. Will this year’s hit be an “environmental structure” from Joyce Scott?

The Observer has learned a few new details about second-ever Prospect biennial (financial obligations forced last year’s show to be a local placeholder, Prospect.1.5).  Through a representative for the show, The Observer learned about Ms. Scott’s work, and the work of Vietnamese photographer An My Le, who intends to document “how Vietnamese women adapt to the agricultural communities of Louisiana, and specifically the rice farms where many are employed.”

The focus on the environment, said founder Dan Cameron is largely about developing a context for art in New Orleans.

“There was little about the environment in P.1, but this year’s edition has recent works by Alexis Rockman, An-My Le, and Pawel Wojtasik that really delve into where New Orleans is located on the globe, and what that implies,” Mr. Cameron wrote in an email to The Observer. “We are less about making that initial impact – so important for the premiere edition — than about sustaining interest in this city as a future art center.”

The complete list of participating artists via ArtInfo below:

Sophie Calle (b. France), Nick Cave (b. USA), Jonas Dahlberg (b. Sweden), Bruce Davenport Jr. (b. USA), Dawn DeDeaux (b. USA), R. Luke DuBois (b. USA), George Dunbar (b. USA), William Eggleston (b. USA), Nicole Eisenman (b. France), Karl Haendel (b. USA), Ragnar Kjartansson (b. Iceland), William Pope.L (b. USA), An-My Lê (b. Vietnam), Ivan Navarro (b. Chile), Lorraine O’Grady (b. USA), Tsuyoshi Ozawa (b. Japan), Gina Phillips (b. USA), Ashton T. Ramsey (b. USA), Alexis Rockman (b. USA), Joyce J. Scott (b. USA), Jennifer Steinkamp (b. USA), Dan Tague (b. USA), Robert Tannen (b. USA), Grazia Toderi (b. Italy), Francesco Vezzoli (b. Italy), and Pawel Wojtasik (b. Poland).

Prospect.2 runs from October 2011 to January 2012. New Details Emerge About New Orleans’ Prospect.2 Works