NJGOP blitzes radio waves with Christie budget ad

GOP operatives jittery about the impact of Gov. Chris Christie’s cuts received the backup megaphone they hoped for yesterday in the form of a NJGOP-sponsored radio ad that projects “Christie is good” vibes statewide following his evisceration of the Democrats’ budget. 

Party spokesman Rick Gorka said the radio ad is airing on New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia radio stations.

“I can tell you that it’s a substantial six-figure buy,” Gorka said.

GOP Chairman Sam Raia stepped into the breach created by Christie’s mid-summer absense.


“Governor Chris Christie has been a responsible steward of New Jersey’s finances since he took the oath of office,” said Raia. “The Governor has made the difficult decisions that have allowed New Jersey to dramatically increase funding for our schools, increase property tax rebates for seniors, maintain critical funding for the neediest citizens of our state while reducing government spending and cutting taxes to create jobs.

“Governor Christie’s success has been hard fought. Under previous administrations, Trenton Democrats operated oblivious to the economic realities that families and businesses deal with on a daily basis. But not anymore. Governor Christie has ended the failed tax-and-spend policies of the past and as a result New Jerseyans can count on a state government that is a partner for success and not an obstacle.”

A Democratic Party operative last night phoned in to PolitickerNJ.com after listening to the ad, which Republicans have dubbed “New Jersey Comeback.”

In the face of Democrats who say his prioritizing was simply mean-spirited, Christie’s voice boasts of his budget as fiscal prudence.

“For the second year in a row, we have a truly balanced state budget – holding the line on spending, no Trenton gimmicks and no new taxes,” the governor declares in the ad. “By cutting $1 billion in wasteful spending, we were able to stand up for the priorities that will make New Jersey strong again:$850 million in new aid for all New Jersey public schools; and more in total school aid than when I became governor;

“Doubled property tax credits for Seniors and middle class New Jerseyans; $20 million in increased aid for hospitals; All while cutting taxes for small businesses to create new jobs; And no tax increases for any New Jersey family for the second year in a row; $850 million more for our schools. Doubled property tax credits. Tax cuts for small businesses.  And no new taxes for anyone in New Jersey. This year’s budget is a win for New Jersey. The New Jersey comeback has begun. Let’s not stop now.”


NJGOP blitzes radio waves with Christie budget ad