Papa Hemingway Died 50 Years Ago


On July 2, 1961, Ernest Hemingway bid farewell to the world. We intend to honor him tomorrow with a “Hemingway breakfast” (two bottles of red wine and a steak) and by perusing internet memorials:


Ernest Hemingway interviewed by George Plimpton [Paris Review]

“How Do You Like Me Now Gentleman?,” Hemingway profile by Lillian Ross [New Yorker (paywall)]


Hemingway in Photographs [New Yorker]

“Toto’s Africa by Ernest Hemingway” [McSweeney’s]

“Do You Know the Real Ernest Hemingway?” Quiz  [USA Today]

“A Tour of Hemingway’s Madrid” [NYT]

“Hemingway Lives On in Cuba” [AFP]

“Hemingway’s Achievement” [WSJ]

“Under the Influence of Hemingway” [LAT]

“Hemingway’s First Wife” [Chicago Tribune]

“10 Manly Books to Honor Hemingway’s Death” [Flavorpill]

“Homage to Hemingway,” a short story by Julian Barnes [New Yorker (paywall)]

“Hem and Us” [Comment is Free, Guardian]

“The Mystery of Hemingway’s Suicide” [UK Independent]

Roald Dahl and Ernest Hemingway hanging out together [Awesome People Hanging Out Together]

Philip Roth Reviews Movie Adaptation of A Farewell to Arms [The New Republic (paywall)]

Ernest Hemingway Kicks A Can [Sutpen, via FT]

Papa Hemingway Died 50 Years Ago