Paz De La Huerta Now Attending Parties for Eight-Year-Olds

Aged eight years, on the ones and twos.

Last Friday, The Observer attended the opening of Nose Job, a new collection of scrap meta-based works at Eric Firestone’s gallery in East Hampton. The exhibition was lovely and the rosé was plentiful, but we did spend an more than scant amount of time talking about another event, one that happened in Manhattan earlier that week.

It turns out, artist Lee Quinones — who designed a piece entitled “Mission Accomplished” for Nose Job — and his son had attended a pretty wild birthday party at SubMercer, and they were still reeling from it. But things do tend to get out of hand when an eight-year-old is behind the decks.

The hot toddler of the moment is Fulano Librizzi, son of downtown artist and scene-maker Nemo Librizzi, and he goes by DJ Arson

“The kids would get drinks from the bar and ask, ‘Are you sure there’s no alcohol in there?” Mr. Quinones laughed as Hamptons onlookers checked out his piece at the opening.

We were intrigued. Now, today, The New York Post has a few more details about the event, noting that the Intrepid-rocking DJ Cassidy and tabloid fixture Paz de la Huerta were in attendance as well.

Arson’s got a Twitter and everything!

“I’m seven years old,” his not-yet-updated bio opens. “I’m a DJ and a B-boy. I like raw food, playing soccer, baseball,cooking with my mom, bey-blades, pokemon, and traveling. Check me out!”

He also mentions, in an earlier tweet, that early birthday presents included a new yoyo and a venus fly trap. DJ Arson, you really are living the dream.

Paz De La Huerta Now Attending Parties for Eight-Year-Olds