Poll: Voters Split on Fracking, Fond of Cuomo

On the heels of a productive session in Albany, a Siena Poll released this morning showed voters are more optimistic about state government, even as they remain divided about hydrofracking in the Marcellus Shale.

A majority of voters say the recent session moved the state forward, and nearly half said the state legislature had become less dysfunctional.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s numbers had a slight bump, from 68 percent favorability last month to 71 percent in today’s survey.

“When asked to grade Cuomo’s effectiveness in his first legislative session, 62 percent of voters give him an ‘A’
(21 percent) or ‘B’ (41 percent), with 20 percent grading him ‘C,’ seven percent ‘D’ and six percent ‘F.’ Overall,
voters give the Governor a grade point average – or GPA – of 2.67 or ‘B-’ for the session,” said Siena’s pollster, Steven Greenberg, in the release.

Across the state, 45 percent favor the Department of Environmental Conservation plan to allow some drilling upstate, while 43 percent oppose it. The poll said upstate voters have followed the issue more closely, though the level of support was almost equally divided downstate as well. (The divide falls within the margin of error of 3.4 percent.) Voters were less divided on who they trust: 55 percent said they are more inclined to trust hydrofracking opponents, with only 33 percent putting more trust in proponents.



Poll: Voters Split on Fracking, Fond of Cuomo