Seriose Investigative Journalism Outfit Seeks Social Media Editor

ProPublica staff celebrate winning the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting. Photo: Dan Nguyen/ProPublica.

ProPublica, the investigative journalism non-profit based in New York City and headed by former Wall Street Journal managing editor Paul Steiger, is looking to make three new hires. The open slots for senior editor and reporter are to be expected–the newsroom already has more than 30 reporters committed to a lofty mission of furthering Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism in the age of Huffington Post, Gawker, and The News of the World.

But the third position, for a social media editor, charged with handling Twitter and Facebook, is something of a surprise for a straight-laced news outlet whose mission is to maintain “an independent newsroom, located in Manhattan and led by some of the nation’s most distinguished editors, and staffed at levels unprecedented for a non-profit organization” and be the “best-led and best-funded investigative journalism operation in the United States,” especially since ProPublica has traditionally published stories in partnership with other outlets such as the New York Times that basically distribute the content.

But social media can be serious too: “Responsibilities include day-to-day oversight of @ProPublica and #MuckReads, and the integration of social into our data features. For example, we recently used Facebook to surface data of personal relevance for our readers and then made it easy for them to share their own personal collections. We also invited journalists outside of ProPublica to be guest editors of our #MuckReads feature,” says the job listing.

“Using Twitter and Facebook, ProPublica consistently points readers to the best investigative and accountability reporting. We need someone who goes beyond tweeting headlines and quickly identifies shareable and buried bits,” it continues. Candidates must have journalism experience. Way to go all next-level on what is supposed to be an awesome slacker job to do from a Portland coffee shop.

Seriose Investigative Journalism Outfit Seeks Social Media Editor