Pump Up Your Klout Score With Foursquare

This dude's just happy to get his Klout score out of the teens.

If you’re the type of influencer who seeks daily affirmation about the size of your reach, the fact that Klout–the start-up that assigns your status on the social web a numerical value–only measures Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has probably been a source of consternation. But Foursquare users can rejoice. Although the company hasn’t officially announced an integration, even Klout investors, like ff ventures’ John Frankel (Klout score: 61), have been tweeting out the news.

The Next Web suspects that the integration “will likely see the service assess friend counts, badges and mayorships” for an offline component to influence measured on social networks.

Yesterday, Klout announced that its API served 2 billion calls in June alone, quadruple the number of calls from just a few months back. According to the company’s blog, interest has moved beyond just social media monitoring companies and PR firms:

From hotels instantly upgrading rooms at check-in to call centers routing calls appropriately and thousands of companies using integration partners like Radian 6, Seesmic, Hootsuite, CoTweet, about.me and others to provide heightened levels of customer service to key influencers.

Foursquare users who’ve defaulted to using the service for nearby recommendations and stopped checking in might want to start-up again. That is, of course, if you care about your Klout. And we know a few 140-character fiends who just might.

Pump Up Your Klout Score With Foursquare