Queens Publisher Doubts Obama's Foreign Policy is Based on NY-9

Mike Schenkler’s column in the Queens Tribune raises an interesting idea about why Ed Koch is supporting a Republican over fellow Democrat David Weprin. Thirty years ago, Weprin’s father didn’t support Koch for governor.

Schenkler also says Weprin is good on Israel and Obama won’t be writing his foreign policy based on New York’s Ninth Congressional District.

During this ridiculous process, Koch has made reference to the fact that Weprin’s father Saul, former Speaker of the New York State Assembly was one of the few New York Jews who did not support him over Mario Cuomo – and as Koch pointed out – Ed Koch has a long memory.

The former Mayor has also taken to voice his extreme dissatisfaction with President Obama over Israel, Medicare and more. It seems that Koch believes Obama will be watching the 9th CD and take a message from the voters — if they reject Weprin, they reject Obama.

Ed, give me a break.

President Obama continues to shine and represents the best things this country stands for. While many would prefer a more extreme or intransigent position on Israel, only the most extreme would think of suggesting that the President is not committed to fully supporting the Middle East’s only Democracy.


And by the way Ed, the President is not basing his foreign policy on the outcome of the 9th C.D. Special Election.

And Ed, David Weprin is the established stronger ally of Israel.

And Ed, if David’s father supported Mario Cuomo over you, and now you are looking for retribution, Saul will never know.

If the main issue in the 9th CD is Israel – and it shouldn’t be – David Weprin would be the clear choice.


  Queens Publisher Doubts Obama's Foreign Policy is Based on NY-9