Random House Also Hit by Casey Anthony Boycotters

Random House’s Facebook page has also been blitzed by angry users promising an extensive boycott of the publisher if it signs any deals to publish a memoir by Casey Anthony (a spokesperson for one Random House imprint said no such deals are being pursued there.)

We reported earlier about a similar protest lodged at Simon & Schuster’s Facebook page, forcing that publisher to issue a statement that it would not be publishing any such book.

Random House seems to have escaped the worst of the drubbing Simon & Schuster got and has not yet reached the point where it feels it needs to release a statement (indeed, its publicists have ignored the angry missives, instead blithely posting about “Five Crazy Harry Potter Bento Boxes” and wishing everyone a “Happy George RR Martin Dance With Dragons Day.”)

Meanwhile, posts like this one line the wall:

ANY COMPANY trying too make blood money off off Caylee Marie Anthony WILL be BOYCOTTED!! I am disgusted !! People leave your feelings here so they know we will NOT support them. 8 million dollars for Casey the baby killer that got off?? Thats the rumor.

And this one:

a baby killer should not profit from the death of her daughter. WHAT ABOUT CAYLEE?????? everyone has forgotten there is a dead child in all of this!


Random House Also Hit by Casey Anthony Boycotters