Roundup: Jay Walder Makes an Exit as Somebody Starts Drafting Brodsky

Mayor Bloomberg activates key transit system security cameras in NYPD's Security Center as part of Midtown Manhattan security initiative with Police Commissioner Kelly and MTA Chairman Walder. September 20, 2010 (Photo Credit: Spencer T Tucker)

2013: Stringer angling for public advocate, instead of mayor? [Colby Hamilton / WNYC]

Same-Sex Marriage: Cuomo to celebrate it on Sunday. [Nick Reisman / Capital Tonight]

New Spokesman: Michael Murphy replaces Austin Shafran at State Senate Democratic conference. [Liz Benjamin / Capital Tonight]

Media: Explaining the Rupert-Rudy connection. [Wayne Barrett / Daily Beast]

Walder: “The fact that he will remain in office for another three months also seems to indicate that the move was voluntary and that Mr. Walder was not being pushed out.” [Andy Newman / New York Times]

Walder: Drafting Richard Brodsky for MTA. [Micah Kellner / Facebook]

Walder: “a complete surprise to those in both the transit community and the upper echelons of New York government.” [Benjamin Kabak / Second Avenue Sagas]

Walder: “We’re hearing that staff at MTA HQ were taken by surprise by Walder’s departure.” [Ben Fried /]

Walder: “[A]bruptly” resigned one day after announcing $4 billion cuts to capital projects. [Jennifer Fermino / NY Post]

Scandal: Schneiderman busts nursing schools giving bogus certificates. [AP]

Comments: “If these small stores are so well-liked, they have nothing to worry about” if Wal-Mart arrives. [Jamie]


Roundup: Jay Walder Makes an Exit as Somebody Starts Drafting Brodsky