Rudy Giuliani Goes to the Mattresses… for AMC

Rudy Giuliani Leads AMC’s “Mob Week”

Former mayor and also-ran presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani made a name for himself as a District Attorney tough on the Mob. When it comes to fiction, however, he’s apparently a fan of organized crime.

Mr. Giuliani will host “Mob Week” on classic movie channel AMC. “Mob Week” will feature such classics as The Godfather (Part I and II), Goodfellas, Scarface and Pulp Fiction and runs from August 1- August 7 (or as we hope Mr. Giuliani says, “Monday Tuesday Thursday Wednesday Friday Sunday Saturday “).

As a Manhattan D.A., Mr. Giuliani relied on an informant known as “Donnie Brasco” to put organized criminals behind bars. Donnie Brasco, the 1997 movie based on the case and starring Johnny Depp, will be shown as part of “Mob Week.” Full circle!

Somebody has to fill the Mad Men void. And who better than the tough-on-crime, light-on-marriage, irascible former mayor?

This seems to show that despite Mr. Giuliani’s recent trip to New Hampshire, he is not serious about a 2012 presidential run. But as the enduring popularity of The Godfather demonstrates, everybody loves a good Pacino impression. And we sure hope Mr. Giuliani delivers.

Ms. Giuliani is not the first former mayor to transition from governing to movie commentary. Former three-term mayor Ed Koch has an ever-amusing movie review column that is reliably emailed to our inbox on a weekly basis. Mr. Giuliani, as ever, has large shoes to fill.


Rudy Giuliani Goes to the Mattresses… for AMC