Rumors & Acquisitions: Billionaire Vivi Nevo’s Main Tech Man Develops Other Interests

EMPTY NEST SYNDROME. Not everyone is excited that Vinnie Vicanti is out hunting for new office space for Yipit. After all, that will leave General Assembly with a sudden  empty space where their highest-profile resident used to be—and sans a start-up of similar stature to take its place.  It’s so hard when they grow up, isn’t it?

Speaking of departures, Nick Brown is the primary operative sourcing tech deals for reclusive Israeli billionaire Vivi Nevo. But a top Tumblr and wandering Jew told Betabeat that Brown has left the nest and taken up with a mysterious and wealthy Argentine. Hey, it worked for Mark Sanford.

FOOD DOME. Business Insider gumshoe Dan Frommer announced his recent resignation from the site with a vague blog post titled “And Now For Something Completely Different.” Mr. Frommer’s stock options in BI had vested, and Betabeat has learned he’s now doing something with cooking. Hmm. Mr. Frommer’s farewell promised an eventual pivot away from the tech space. “My first project, launching this summer, will involve writing about technology, much like I’ve been doing at Business Insider and at Forbes since 2005. But other projects will be totally unrelated to tech and/or media. Some haven’t even been imagined yet.” Guess that rules out joining Ruth Reichl at Gilt Groupe’s pricey food spin-off, Gilt Taste.

STOP, COLLABORATE, AND LISTEN. On our post about Forrst’s pimped-out podcast studio, Detroit-based moderator Mike Evans corrected us on the intent to rent it out, commenting, “Not really looking to rent as much as bring people in and collaborate on shows. There are tons of topics we are interested in that we are not experts on such as urban farming, DIY building, Science/Green topics, urban art etc. We want to build a network to represent these types of view points.” If Forrst branches into other verticals beyond coding, that’ll put them squarely in Stack Exchange territory.

SUPERIORITY COMPLEX. It sounds like there’s a beef brewing between Single Platform and Postling with both social media management tools thinking the other is inferior. This is really about Wiley Cerilli being a better dresser than David Lifson, isn’t it? C’mon guys,  “business shabby” describes pretty much every techie in New York.

Rumors & Acquisitions: Billionaire Vivi Nevo’s Main Tech Man Develops Other Interests