Running Back John Riggins Scores $1 M. on West 39th Street

It takes a lot to tackle The Diesel. (Fat Pickled)

The midtown apartment of outlandish Redskins running back John “The Diesel” Riggins has been intercepted. The NFL player turned actor/sports commentator is just as famous for telling Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor to “Lighten up, Sandy, baby,” at a dinner in 1985 (before passing out under the table during a speech by then-Vice President George Bush) as for his record as a running back with the Jets and ‘Skins.

Mr. Riggins’ 1,360-square-foot co-op sold for $1.05 million. The two-bedroom two-bath midtown loft at 347 West 39th Street is not lacking in amenities. Gary Kahn and Lois Peerce coo in their Corocoran listing about “Eleven foot ceilings, slate flooring, two winged bedrooms, private south facing terrace, and massive spa bathroom with Jacuzzi tub are only the start.”

Since his retirement in 1985, Mr. Riggins has made numerous forays into the acting world, including parts in One Tree Hill and that fount of aspiring stagecraft, Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

For those who might have been wishing to tackle the apartment for only a down or two, the home had been offered as a rental, with the linebacker-hefty price-tag of $5,200 per month.

The property was put on the market briefly in 2009, but quickly taken down in the fumbling economy. When the place was re-listed in March of this year, Garrett and Jeanette Buckley rushed in on the deal, entering contract just a month after the property hit the sale block.

Running Back John Riggins Scores $1 M. on West 39th Street