Scandinavian Writers React to Attacks in Norway

The attacks in Norway have produced a conversation about Europe’s issues with far-right extremism that many Scandinavian crime writers have addressed in their work already.

NPR speaks with Ann Holt, a former justice minister in Norway who is now a bestselling author of detective fiction.

At The New Yorker Book Bench, Joan Acocella reflects on instances of Scandinavian extremism contemplated by the Swedish mystery writer Stieg Larsson.

Jo Nesbo, author of the detective novel The Snowman, writes about the attacks for The New York Times.

And n+1 has two essays: one by the Norwegian-American writer Julia Grønnevet, who was in Norway at the time of the attacks, and one by the German writer Yascha Mounk about a turn against pluralism in Europe.

Scandinavian Writers React to Attacks in Norway