SeamlessWeb Drops the Embarrassing ‘Web’ Suffix, Reborn as ‘Seamless’

“When SeamlessWeb was founded in 1999, the dot-com bubble was nearing its peak and the word ‘web’ was on the tip of everyone’s tongues,” the company formerly known as SeamlessWeb writes on its blog. “No wonder we thought it was such a good addition to our name! And with the iPhone and mobile apps many years away, we kind of had a point. The web ruled the day and we made ordering food online a seamless process. Simple enough, right?”

Now that the food delivery service is refocusing on mobile big time–the company expects mobile could be responsible for half its orders in two years–they’ve decided to simplify the name to its stoner shorthand: “Seamless.” (As in, “We Seamless-ed some Thai food” or “Get on Seamless, it’s a quesadilla emergency.”)

Seamless recently spun out from owner Aramark into its own division and took a minority equity partner for a fresh $50 million, presumably some of which was used to pay someone to write this tagline: “Seamless is now the present and the future of food ordering.” SeamlessWeb Drops the Embarrassing ‘Web’ Suffix, Reborn as ‘Seamless’