Shake Up at New York Press As Publisher Enters Mayor Race

New York Press arts and entertainment editor Adam Rathe recently left the Manhattan weekly and The Observer hears editor in chief Jerry Portwood is next out the door, perhaps as soon as today. Neither Mr. Portwood nor group publisher Alex Schweitzer returned calls for comment.

Once a conservative rival to the Village VoiceNew York Press was acquired by Manhattan Media in 2007, as part of a growing stable of community publications like Avenue, The West Side Spirit, City Hall and, most recently, Dan’s Papers.

Yesterday Crain’s reported that Manhattan Media executive Tom Allon would run for citywide office. Mr. Allon told employees his mayoral campaign would not detract from his commitment to Manhattan Media.

“This potential candidacy does not mean that I will be any less focused on Manhattan Media; in fact, with our 10th Anniversary coming up on August 1st, I am more committed than ever to growing our business and helping each of you realize your goals and our collective goal of growth and success, both financially and editorially,” he said in a memo.

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Shake Up at New York Press As Publisher Enters Mayor Race