Siting New York’s Tech Campus

There, right there!

Our colleague Nitasha Tiku over at BetaBeat has a rundown on where, exactly, the city might place Mayor Bloomberg’s ballyhooed tech campus. Turns out Roosevelt Island wants it badly and is flexing some political muscle to get it:

Ultimately, the decision for where to host the campus looks like it will rest with the city, but the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, the strip of land’s “own mini-government,” will give their two cents as the plan evolves. For island natives and their representatives, the campus looks like their ticket to relevance. Assembly member Micah Kellner said, “This is a way to integrate the island fully and completely” with that other island to their West.

[Local City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin] and others think the city should raze Goldwater Memorial Hospital, which was built in the 1930s and is due to close in 2014, a year ahead of the campus opening.

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  Siting New York’s Tech Campus