Someone Burn Kid Rock a Copy of Person Pitch!

Yes, Kid Rock, they do sing that 'My Girls' song.

A few hours before America watched Kid Rock on Jimmy Fallon, the country-rock king of Detroit invited a slew of revelers to a bash on the top of the Hotel on Rivington. The whiskey was Jim Beam, the beer was Badass. No, really, it’s called Badass American Lager. Kid Rock owns it. It tasted OK.

“Just got in last night, playing jersey tomorrow,” Kid Rock told The Observer on the packed top deck. “We had a little excuse to throw a party so we gotta take advantage of that.”

He’s kept a full schedule in the city, and had to tape Mr. Fallon’s show earlier in the day. It happened that the musical guest was Panda Bear the key member of cherished indie stalwarts Animal Collective – probably the most intriguing person possible to pair with the guy who wrote “Bawitdaba.”

So, did they get a chance to talk about collaborating on something?

“No!” Kid Rock said, shaking his head. “I met their manager at Max Fish a few weeks back with my boy Sweeny. But I didn’t see him tonight — I was hoping to run into him and say hi. Sweeny told me they’re a great band. I’ve heard great things about them.”

As we imagined what Kid Rock would make of, say, Panda Bear’s 12-minute epic “Bros,” he took a long pull of his plug of cigar.

“They’re top notch,” he said of the stogie while looking off at the glowing Empire State Building in full dusk-lit view. “I mean they’re shitty cigars, but they’re top notch to me.”

Someone Burn Kid Rock a Copy of Person Pitch!