Stack speaks!

A typically inscrutable and local political animal, state Sen. Brian P. Stack (D-33) has spoken more on the floor of the Senate today than during the rest of his Senate career combined, according to an insider, who didn’t have a stop watch but nonetheless noted Stack’s relative volubility.

A source close to the mayor acknowledged he’s worried about the effect of Gov. Chris Christie’s cuts on urban areas, including his own Union City. Constituents have told Stack to his face they don’t like the governor’s impact cuts and questioned his alliance to the governor.

For nearly two years, Stack has supplied critical votes for Christie initiatives.

But there is always a tipping point.

Even as he made the case this afternoon to restore numerous programs axed by Christie, and anticipated inevitable failure owing to the Demcrats’ inability to achieve a two-thirds majority for an override, the senator’s not there yet, said one source – by far.

But he is alert to the real and perceived consequences of allying with the Republican governor.

Two other Democratic Party allies of Christie’s atypically talkative today, state Sen. Sandra Cunningham, (D-31), and state Sen. M. Teresa Ruiz, (D-29), also supplied a steady diet of garbage time outrage in favor of restoring Christie cuts. 

Stack speaks!