Start-Up News: Spotify, Tumblr, Bitcoin, Summer Assemblies

Perhaps these fellows should Seamless/Zaarly/Zipments some froyo.

What’s new in New York start-ups this week? Well, it’s really hot, and there seem to be a lot of rooftop parties. Launches and new features–not as many. We guess the start-up scene gets just as sleepy as the rest of New York City in the summertime:

SPOTIFY SAYS HI. Spotify is launching in the U.S. soon (squee!) and they’ve got a mini-office in New York, also known as the city where music start-ups go to die. (Kiddinggg! We’re sure it’s going to be fine, exfm and Turntable.) Want to meet some of the Spotify team? Clear your Tuesday for “Behind The Music @ Spotify lecture 6:30pm 76 9th Ave, Floor 11, Manhattan: Come hear Andreas Mattsson, Spotify’s head of Software Development, and Emil Fredriksson, Spotify’s head of Operations, talk about the architecture and infrastructure of Spotify. And here’s the kicker: everyone who comes gets an invite to Spotify!”

SPREADING THE BITCOIN LOVE. Bruce Wagner, host of Midtown-based The Bitcoin Show, is expanding. “The Bitcoin Show is seeking people knowledgeable about Bitcoin who speak Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian, or French to act as show hosts,” Mr. Wagner says. “Of course, it would be ideal if they live near New York City…..  But that is not not absolutely necessary. Remotely hosting via Skype is possible.”

BOOM, API. Tumblr has a new API! As one German commenter wrote, “together with a new one … and super-organized center for developers.” In keeping with the Tumblr Way, the engineers opted to make the API more usable than RESTful by making API calls intuitive: “Knowing just the URL of your favorite blog makes this as simple as, which returns a sane default size.” Version 2 of the API has new abilities including access to the list of blogs a user is following, the ability to upload multiple photos at a time, and the ability to pull a blog’s description, avatar, and last-update time. Let’s see some new Tumblr apps, folks.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY ALL-DAY CONFERENCE. On Saturday, July 16. “Where founders and investors alike will share lessons on fundraising strategies for early-stage startups, honest stories from entrepreneurs on successful (and less than successful) capital raises, when/how/why to bootstrap, and more. Full breakfast, lunch, and happy hour drinks will be served.” Featuring the usual suspects.

ETC. Another tech breakfast launches. Zaarly gets an Android app as competitor Zipments launches in New York. Groupon updates its privacy statement, announced in an email sent at 10 p.m. on Saturday night. Exfm is having a party for its iPhone app tonight at Gallery Bar. Later this month: Svpply and Skillshare houseparty, Barbarian Group rooftop party, Thrillist Hamptons party and dance party.

Start-Up News: Spotify, Tumblr, Bitcoin, Summer Assemblies