Sunday Reading: Cuomo Gets a Union Deal, NYC Gets More Bloomberg Fees

A reader visiting Washington D.C. puts it all in perspective. (via facebook)

NY-9: Weprin gets challenged by a pop quiz about Brooklyn. [Mary / Midwood blog]

NY-9: Former editor questions Weprin’s credentials. [Greg David / Crains]

NY-9: “Taking on Cuomo’s challenge, supporters of the SWP campaign in New York collected 7,080 signatures in five days.” [The Militant]

2013: Allon opposes living-wage and sick pay mandates. [Jeremy Smerd / Crains]

Union: PEF agrees to 3-year wage freeze, higher health insurance contributions and boosting retirement age to 65. [Pete Young / Bloomberg]

Union: 9 days of unpaid leave, too. [Cara Matthews / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Union: 700 pink slips to PEF members had already gone out. [Brian Nearing / Times Union]

Union: Members get a one time bonus of $774 in 2013 and $225 in 2014. 2 percent raise in 2014-15, and another 2 percent raise in 2015-16.[AP]

Union: “A Cuomo spokesman said on Saturday that it was still possible that other state workers could be laid off if their unions did not also strike agreements with the administration.” [Thomas Kaplan / New York Times]

Grading Teachers: DOE and UFT reach a deal; student grades a factor in teacher evaluations at 33 failing schools [Barbara Martinez / WSJ]

Health Care: Schumer unhappy with Raske. [Devlin Barrett / WSJ]

Headline: “Bloomberg uses fines, fees as stealth tax on New York City businesses.” [John Byrne / NY Post]

City Budget: ” $19.6 million from higher parking meter rates and $4.4 million from various increases related to building permits.” [Jeremy Smerd and Shane Kavanaugh]

Economy: Cuomo to roll out 10 regional economic development councils. [Joe Spector / Democrat and Chronicle]

Rep. Engel: Co-owns a building that city inspectors have been barred from checking.[Benjamin Lesser and Alison Gendar / Daily News]

Eric Massa: Congress still probing. [Andrew Miga / Democrat and Chronicle]

Rep. Grimm: DCCC robocall results in 0 calls to GOP congressman’s office. [Tom Wrobleski / SI Advance]

Rep. Grimm: Trucking company he partly owns has safety violations. [Bejnamin Lesser / Daily News]

Rep. Grimm: Introduced more legislation than any other GOP freshman. [Judy Randall / SI Advance]

Rep. Grimm: The legislation.

High-Speed Rail: House votes could cost NY lots of federal money. Slughter unhappy. [Jerry Zremski / Buffalo News]

After Office: Levy may open a think tank, run for county legislature, or challenge Rep. Steve Israel. [Rick Brand / Newsday]

Campaign Money: Syracuse Mayor has a lot. [Teri Weaver / Post-Standard]

Cigarette Tax: Oneida will replace nationally-recognized brand with Indian cigarettes; avoid state taxes. [Glenn Coin / Post-Standard]

Truck Safety: Cuomo to sign bill mandating “crossover” mirrors. [Ken Lovett / Daily News]

Pensions: State’s pensions are “around 100 percent fully funded.” [Joan Gralla]

Pensions: “The tyranny of pension consultants is a major governance flaw of US pension funds.” [Leo Kolivakis /]

Pensions: “The only fair thing to do, and thus what no one will say, is for EXISTING employees and retirees to pay drastically more for their pensions to make up for the retroactive enhancements they have given themselves, plus all the interest on all the years they claimed the cost of those enhancements was zero.” [Larry Littlefield / Room 8]

Sunday Reading: Cuomo Gets a Union Deal, NYC Gets More Bloomberg Fees