Sunday Reading: Weddings, Weddings, Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

Christine Quinn, Tom Duane and others watch the first same-sex marriage ceremony in the New York City Clerk's office Sunday morning. (via Quinn's Twitter stream)

First: Buffalo residents Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd got married just after midnight, and claim title as first gay couple married in NY. [Charlie Specht / Buffalo News]

Rushing: “They found a Queens justice willing to come out here at midnight.” [Ginger Otis and Candace Amos]

Albany: Midnight marriages in the capital. [Lauren Stanforth / Times Union]

Silence: “[A] sampling of pastors in the New York City area found that most did not intend to discuss same-sex marriage in their sermons on Sunday.” [Thomas Kaplan / New York Times]

Headline: “Gay marriage is legal in N.Y. today, but local clerks get few license requests.” [John Davis / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Bloomberg’s Donations: In addition to Alesi et al, money went to Golden and Lanza, which “put him in”the funny position of rewarding both backers and opponents of the law.” [David Seifman / NY Post]

Syracuse: City Clerk expects “15 to 20 couples to pick up licenses between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.” [Paul Riede / Post-Standard]

Transit: “The choice of an MTA chief is fraught with pitfalls for Mr. Cuomo.” [Andrew Grossman / WSJ]

Vito Lopez:FBI probe into his non-profit doesn’t stop DA Charles Hynes from attending Lopez’s annual picnic. Also there: Weprin, Bill Thompson, and Diaz Jr. [Gary Buiso and Aaron Short]

School Closure: UFT and NAACP who brought failed lawsuit against the city “should be ashamed” said Bloomberg. [Sally Goldenberg / NY Post]

School Reform: Bill Gates admit his push for schools with fewer students didn’t ultimately lead to more kids going to college. [Jason Riley / WSJ]

WalMart: Money the company gave to Markowtiz’s concerts called a “bribe.” He gets slammed for taking the money and not staying “bought.” [NY Post]

Tax Stories: Resident says, “I love it here. I really love this area, but with the way property taxes were going up it just didn’t make any sense to stay.” [Jon Campbell / Poughkeepsie Journal]

Food Safety: Garodnick and Peralta want food cart info online. [Candice Giove / NY Post]

Poverty: “According to the [Children’s Defense Fund] a child is born into poverty every 17 minutes in the city. Yet, the budget adopted in June punishes the poorest New Yorkers by axing $5.2 billion from anti-poverty programs.” [Albor / Daily News]

Media: How thorough a probe will News Corp conduct if it’s headed by top Murdoch aide, Joel Klein? [Jeremy Peters, Michael Barbaro and Javier Hernandez / New York Times]

Media: Post-Standard new news editor is Sonja Duntley; social media manager is Charlie Miller. [Charles McChesney / Post-Standard]

Media: MSNBC shouldn’t hire Sharpton, argues a writer who teaches at Columbia and writes for The New Republic. [John McWhorter / Daily News]


Sunday Reading: Weddings, Weddings, Weddings, Weddings, Weddings