Tao Lin 'Satanic Hipster' Article is a Joke, Everybody

There is a polemic up at ChristWire.org about Tao Lin and Megan Boyle’s new movie, Mumblecore.

Headlined “Satanic Hipster Tao Lin Makes Sinful Snuff Film ‘Mumblecore,'” it’s important remember, as at least one commenter failed to, that ChristWire.org is in the fake news business. Tao Lin internet loyalists do not have to wage war on behalf of their prophet.

“Bras and sinful mouth sex acts are all over the film,” writes the reviewer. Tao Lin “is a Chinese, the most terrifying type of person possible” and Megan Boyle “is a shameless whorelot who wants to public sex at every turn.”

The trailer for Mumblecore can be found here.

And while we’re on the subject of Tao Lin, as we so frequently seem to be or we would have linked to it sooner, read the profile by  Observer contributing writer Christian Lorentzen of Bebe Zeva, documenting her recent involvement in another Lin/Boyle collaboration.

Tao Lin 'Satanic Hipster' Article is a Joke, Everybody