Too Soon? Cuomo, Clinton Top 2016 Poll

The first in the nation New Hampshire presidential primary is only 53 months away, which of course means that pollsters are already taking the temperature of the electorate in the Granite State.

And, from this vantage point, New Hampshirites in 2011 want to see more of Andrew Cuomo and Hillary Clinton in five years time.

According to Public Policy Polling, in a 2016 field that includes Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Russ Feingold, Deval Patrick, Brian Schweitzer, and Mark Warner, the Secretary of State would cruise to victory with 50 percent of the vote. Biden comes next, followed by Cuomo, who grabs 9 percent.

In a field without Biden or Clinton, both of whom will be in their 70’s by 2016 and who have indicated that they are not interested in running for president, Cuomo cruises, grabbing 30 percent. Only “someone else/undecided” does better.

So with the 2016 race all but decided, anybody know who is looking at 2020?

Full poll results here.





Too Soon? Cuomo, Clinton Top 2016 Poll