Turner Tallies Weprin's Runs

Azi Paybarah

Calling David Weprin a “professional candidate,” Bob Turner knocked his Democratic opponent in the race for the Ninth Congressional district this morning for attempting too many runs for political office.

“David Weprin is the living, breathing, walking, and talking definition of a career politician,” said Turner campaign spokesman William O’Reilly. “One look at Washington today will tell you what career politicians have accomplished in this country. They have totally forgotten what it is like to balance a household or small business budget and the crisis our nation is facing reflects it. It’s time to send a regular citizen and businessman to Congress.”

O’Reilly says that this is the fifth campaign Weprin has mounted in the last two years — City Council, City Comptroller, a special election for the Assembly followed by a regular Assembly campaign — and now this Congressional run.

This math seems a little fuzzy to me. Weprin never really ran for re-election to the City Council in 2009, since he was against term limits from the start and had been running for City Comptroller for about a year before a term limit extension was granted. And while he did run twice for the same Assembly seat, that is more due to a quirk in the state’s election laws then anything Weprin chose to do.

Turner meanwhile is now mounting his second Congressional run in the course of one year, but that too is due more to circumstances than any ambition on Turner’s part. (The seat became available when Anthony Weiner resigned due to a sex scandal).

A few other items of note here: in his City Comptroller run Weprin frequently knocked opponent David Yassky over what he called Yassky’s political ambition, which at that point had included a Congressional run and a possible run for Brooklyn District Attorney.

Also in their news release, the Turner campaign hits Weprin for the rumors that he may mount another City Comptroller run in 2013. That attack is premised on the widespread assumption that the seat they both seek won’t be there beyond 2013, since Weprin would likely only run for comptroller again if the Ninth Congressional district was erased during reapportionment.

Turner Tallies Weprin's Runs