VSL // A super-intimate look at French people’s faces

Paris-based photographer Sacha Goldberger set up shop on the Bois de Boulogne and took shots of out-of-breath joggers who’d agreed to pose for him immediately after running. A week later, he photographed the same subjects, posed in just the same way, in his studio. The results—which are now up on My Modern Metropolis—are compelling in a not-quite-safe-for-work sort of way.

The first thing you’ll notice is how sultry the “before” shots tend to be: Quite a few look positively postcoital. Look a bit closer, and you’ll begin to notice personal details—psychological stray hairs—that seem to disappear from the later, more carefully composed studio shots. They give these photos their charge, and left us wondering: Is there another nationality that would have looked quite so good?

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