Weprin: I've 'Been Strongly Criticizing Obama' on Israel

David Weprin’s congressional campaign has been working to beat back calls from Ed Koch for voters to take out their frustrations of Obama’s Israeli policies by voting Republican in the NY-9 special election.

Weprin, a Democrat and hawk on Israel, tells Adam Dickter:

ā€œIā€™m one of the few [Democrats] who has been very strongly criticizing Obama on the statement he made that the starting point [in Mideast peace talks] is Israel going back to the pre-ā€˜67 border.”

Weprin criticized Obama’s Israeli policies the day he made his debut as a congressional candidate. And last night, Rep. Gary Ackerman released a statement critizing Koch’s logic that electing a Republican in the NY-9 would force the White House to better support Israel.

Ackerman said injecting Israel into “our contentious politics” was “deeply irresponsible and does Israel a considerable disservice.”


Weprin: I've 'Been Strongly Criticizing Obama' on Israel