Weprin Weighs In on Debt Ceiling

David Weprin isn’t in Congress yet — and can’t even be elected until mid-September — but that won’t stop him from criticizing House Republicans on the debate over the debt ceiling, which must be resolved in the next 10 days to avoid defaulting on the nation’s debt.

“What the Republicans in Congress are doing is shameful,” Weprin said in a statement his campaign emailed this morning. “To put it simply, they are playing chicken with our economy and are placing our nation’s economic well-being in jeopardy for the sake of playing partisan games.”

Weprin seems to have already mastered the talking points of his potential House colleagues in the Democratic delegation, accusing Republicans of looking for a deal “consummated on the backs of seniors, working families and children, while protecting tax subsidies and loopholes for Big Oil and companies that outsource jobs.”

And, since he’s currently candidate for higher office, Weprin made sure to cite his fiscal experience. “As someone who has spent more than 20 years working in public finance and 8 years as Chair of the New York City Council Finance Committee, I know how to balance budgets and close multi-billion dollar deficits,” he said in the statement. “Destroying Medicare and Social Security isn’t the way to do it.”

Democrats won an unlikely victory in New York’s last special election by hammering Republican plans for Medicare reform, but that line of attack could get more difficult. President Obama has indicated he might be willing to accept certain compromises on Medicare and Social Security, a possibility that has led to preemptive outrage from Democrats, and could take away one of Weprin’s chief talking points leading up to the September 13 special election to replace Anthony Weiner.

Weprin’s Republican opponent, Bob Turner, said last week that he would have voted against Congressman Paul Ryan’s plan.

Weprin Weighs In on Debt Ceiling